About Northants Parent Forum Group

About Northants Parent Forum Group

Information About The Northants Parent Forum Group (NPFG).

What is Parent Participation ?

What is Parent Participation ?

The purpose of parent participation is to enable parents to get involved in service planning and decision making so that services meet the needs of families and resources are not wasted on services which parents and families do not take up.

Effective parent participation happens when parents have conversations with and work alongside professionals, in order to design, develop and improve services. This conversation benefits everyone. Working with parents helps professionals to understand what needs to happen to develop services that meet families’ needs.

Working with professionals helps parents understand the complexity involved and the challenges faced by the professionals who have to bring about that change. Working together and sharing knowledge enables parents and professionals to find solutions that work.

There are three essential ingredients for successful parent participation:

  • Good information
  • Honest consultation
  • Effective participation

How NPFG Works
Meetings are arranged in Northamptonshire or parent support groups visited to discuss issues around service provision and implementation. Our steering group of parents meet regularly, to feedback and consider current concerns to take forward to strategic meetings or to inform service managers commissioning new services.

Alternatively, NPFG can assist local authorities by effective information exchange, disseminate information regarding changes to services to the membership and other parent support groups, and provide a mechanism for gathering parent’s views on service design, monitoring and evaluation.

Any parent/carer, living or receiving services from the county of Northamptonshire, who has a child or young person with additional needs, can become a member. The forum is free to join. On becoming a member you can be involved as much as you want, from using the website, gaining information, expressing views or attending forum meetings and becoming a member of the steering group. The important message is that everyone should feel welcome, to foster a sense of well-being that everyone’s views are valued and we are all working towards a common goal.

As we develop and grow we aim to have regular updates, newsletters, a facebook information page and events. If you are interested in becoming involved, what can you expect?

What can you expect?

  • A warm welcome with tea and coffee
  • To meet people in a similar situation to you
  • Someone who will listen to your views with interest
The opportunity to:
  • Help plan services
  • Comment on what is already happening
  • Build on personal skills.
“I have found the whole experience up to now, interesting, exciting and sometimes too good to be true. I think its great the professionals want to sit down and talk to parents who are in the system as in the future parents going into the system will benefit from all our hard work I hope.”
(Parent forum member)

Parent Participation

What We Wont Do:
The NPFG will take forward generic concerns and issues that affect a wide number of people, unfortunately they are unable to raise specific issues that parents and carers have about their own child or offer an individual advisory service.

However, by becoming a member there is opportunity to talk to other parents in similar situations, or networking at meetings to swap advice, contacts and experiences.

Parent Participation Northants Parent Forum Group

About Northants Parent Forum Group

Achieving Positive Change through Effective Participation and Collaboration

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