Latest News from Northants Parent Forum Group

Latest News from Northants Parent Forum Group

Health & Social Care Solutions Event on Tuesday 25th November 2014

Health & Social Care Solutions Event on Tuesday 25th November 2014

What: Health & Social Care Solutions Event
 25th November 2014 from 9.30am to 2.30pm.
Where: Celebration Suite, Wicksteed Park, Kettering.

Event Report now availaible ... click here to read the review 

Northants Parent Forum Group are proud to announce it’s Health & Social Care Solutions event on Tuesday 25th November. Following on from our successful Education event in July, this event will be using feedback from our previous Meet & Greet sessions with many professionals and our parent seminar.

The main aim for the day is for parents and professionals to be working together to find solutions and positive ways through the changes that are coming in the future.

Health and Social Care Solutions Event

We anticipate that the following key areas will be covered on the day:

  • Assessment and Diagnosis
  • CAMHS/Community Paediatric Services
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Activities and Short Breaks
  • Social Care: Core Assessments
  • Respite
  • Services dependent on where you live in county
9:30 Registration and refreshments
9:50 Introduction to the day
10:00 Presentations from the Professionals
11:00 Introduction to the open event by Dave Carr
11:15 Workshop Session 1
12:30 Lunch
13:00 Workshop Session 2
14:15 Open Event Debrief
14:30 FINISH with Q+A

Booking Details:
For further information on the event or to book a place, parents/carers and professionals please contact us 

Featured Speakers
Alongside this there will be featured speakers giving information concerning the changes in Social Care and Health that are coming to Northamptonshire in the near future.

There will also be other organisations attending the event that will have tables with information. There will be the opportunity to talk to members of the group regarding further information about the work that we do or to discuss opportunities to volunteer with the group.

There are no costs associated with attending this event, lunch will be provided and we also aim to be running a free raffle for all of those that attend the event.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Abridged Summary Report : Health & Social Care
This abridged summary report is taken from the raw data collected at an Open Event for parents arranged by NPFG on the 3rd December 2013. Parents set the agenda on the day and as such where able to share the issues that they felt were most important to them.

Issues raised on the day covered Education, Health and Social Care. This report focuses upon the issues raised with Health & Social Care in readiness for a collaborative working, solution focused event with professionals and parents on the 28th November 2014.

Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Long waits for diagnostic assessments
  • Lack of evidence base in assessment / diagnosis
  • Multiple appointments
  • No consistency across county / professionals
  • Lack of assessment pathways – many different routes
  • Lack of communication between professionals
  • Support and information for parents
  • Long investigation process missing opportunity early intervention.
  • Who takes overall responsibility?
  • Parent’s views not considered.
  • Services dependent on where you live in county
CAMHS / Community Paediatric Services
  • No clear criteria for referral & differences across county
  • Feels like children are bounced between the two services
  • Not available for reviews and failing to provide reports / letters
  • Reactive not proactive and long waits result in needs not being met
  • Blame culture towards parents
  • Not child centred
  • Lack of transparency; services, decision making and aims
  • Medication policies; needs based?, evidence & support alongside?
  • Do children, young people & parents have a voice when commissioning / planning services?
  • Lack of collaborative working
  • Services dependent on where you live in county
Therapies (SALT / OT / Physiotherapy)
  • More information needed about available services
  • Who is responsible for providing SALT, especially with EHC / Statement?
  • Children not getting the support that is documented as needed
  • Having words does not mean a child can communicate; SALT will not see
  • Nonverbal children not getting support with alternative methods of communication.
  • Schools taking on work with S&L therapists seen infrequently
  • Lack of transparent criteria to be seen
  • Lack of collaboration with OT / Physiotherapy and communication with others
  • Missing opportunities for early intervention
  • The significance of communication difficulties (at any level) is missed
  • Services dependent on where you live in county
Activities & Short Break Services
  • Lack of transparency about the needs that services can meet
  • Children who need higher level of support (though not necessarily complex) are not able to access services
  • arents finding difficulties accessing in South of County
  • No holiday play schemes for PMLD children & YP
  • Difficult to access specialist services / equipment.
  • Support needed for mainstream activities to be inclusive
  • Parents are have to organise / spread the word – where is the support from services in these tasks?
  • Services dependent on where you live in county
Social Care: Core Assessments
  • Wait can be lengthy and often breaches 35 days
  • Social workers carrying out disabled children assessments not having specialist knowledge and relying on safeguarding experience
  • Implementing care packages is taking too long
  • Assessments not taking into account views of all involved professionals
  • Cost is put before meeting needs of the child
  • Lack of specialised knowledge amongst social workers
  • Services dependent on where you live in county
  • Long assessment process
  • Scope of provision is arguably limited
  • Lack of goal setting for respite; be good to build in therapies too
  • More availability / places needed and greater range
  • Should be available to all families with assessment of child’s needs
  • Lots of meetings / assessments and discussion even though families need the respite ASAP.
  • Only available through social careServices dependent on where you live in county

Health and Social Care Solutions Event Latest News from Northants Parent Forum Group

Latest News from Northants Parent Forum Group

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Health and Social Care Solutions Event Latest News from Northants Parent Forum Group

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